November 25, 2018

This Place.

My imagined maiden speech as a Member of Parliament, the poem:

(For more see my published article

This place

(Dedicated to the Parliaments of Australia)

by David Stephen Ayliffe


Liars murderers and thieves,

The world is full of them.

But better people should gather here.


This place,

The congregation of the peoples

Should be different without

the barking of dogs across the chamber

demanding the other side acquiesce

under the condemnation of fools.

So much the stuff of our evening news,

their corruption not welcome in the peace loving homes of the brave.

Their bickering loved by multinational pharmaceuticals making a killing

with their suicide prevention drugs

- an epidemic of malaise that cripples our national psyche.

No wonder we don’t like our politicians.


No, news reported from this place should be of a different kind,

the embrace of great and differing minds,

the best of the best coming together for the good of all

deserving our admiration and gratitude.


This place no longer fuel to suffer the mental health of the nation

the blending of great minds and great hearts, a coming together

for the betterment of our humanity's dream

A world where our children laugh and play

aspiring to be like worthy heroes

who are not just comic book creations

but some of them actually here.


This place an example for the innocent child within us.

For here the best of our humanity

reveal how we the people should live our lives

How we should treat each other and govern ourselves

in peace and prosperity.

A true Commonwealth that cares and provides for all.


This place, so loved and cherished

and no longer the butt of jokes so our sons and daughters

will finally seek their place amongst them.


It doesn't have to be an idle wish

But it can be our truth.


As the song says:

“We are the people.

We are one.

We are Australian”.

©℗ DSAyliffe 2018


Thanks to singer/songwriter Bruce Woodley. The last three lines are from his great song “I am Australian” written in 1987 and sung made famous by The Seekers .  Perhaps a future government will recognise the lyrics of this song as a genuine Australian anthem.



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